I am a photographer. I love anything to do with photography, traveling and nature. I also enjoy seeing my images decorating spaces and making them look unique and special.

From the face markings of a zebra to the gentle swell of the sea, my images capture the essence of the world seen through my eyes. Based in Durban, South Africa, I travel often and challenge myself to see the unseen in everyday situations, and capture it in a digital image. I aspire to take pictures that are unexpected and my impulsive nature means that every moment is a chance to capture beauty.

I make a living from taking photographs and selling them, whether it be through the sale of a print, a hi-res image for publication or a specific commissioned brief for a corporate or a wedding. My style is natural and relaxed, far preferring to capture an impromptu moment to a posed event.

I invite you to join me on my journey of discovery and see the world through my eyes.

Please note that all content and photographs on this site are copyright material and may not be used for any purpose without my consent.

Dori Moreno, photographer, professional, images

Dori Moreno is a professional photographer based in Durban, South Africa


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Estelle Barnardo

    Hi Dori

    I stay in Bethlehem in the beautiful freestate and I am buzy building my own studio at last! I have been doing studio photography for the past 6years and I am loving it. I admire your work a lot. The only thing I battle with a lot is getting my White background so white. most of the times I have a grey background. I have two elincrom lights, two umbrellas with black outside and white inside and one softbox and one translucent umbrella. I put my shutter on 125 and put my f-stop according to my lightmeter. i also shoot on manual. Can you please give me advice? I will appreciate advice, but wil understand if you dont want to do it.

    Many thanks
    Estelle Barnardo

    1. Dori Moreno Post author

      Hi Estelle

      Am absolutely very happy to share what knowledge I have and how I go about shooting in the studio with you. My setup is basic. I have two Elinchrom lights, and I set them up on either side of the backdrop to balance the lighting and avoid any shadows. My lights are set up at around f8, my camera at 160th shutter and then I play around with the aperture depending on skin tones and clothing. I start at f8 and go up to f13. The reason for starting at f8 is that I want depth of field.
      I also find that the position of the lights makes a difference, I tend to raise them quite high and angle them down slightly. This avoids the lights flashing off directly in peoples faces, minimising shine and closed or squinting eyes. I find this effective for people who wear glasses too to reduce the reflection.
      The other thing is that I don”t use umbrellas, only softboxes on both lights.

      I think the important thing is for you to increase your shutter speed as this controls ambient light whereas f stop controls depth of field. I think at 125th it is too slow to sufficiently light up the white background.
      I hope this makes sense and helps you out. If you would prefer to chat about it give me a call and I can try help you that way.
      Keep well


  2. Stavvie Arvanitis

    Love your work Dori! Good Luck with your new studio. I always think of you when I see Dina & Peter’s beautiful photos. Your self portrait is stunning.

  3. Belinda Vos


    Was intrigues to see what you were doing all those evenings on your apple mac. Your blog is really cool and I love this self portrait!

    Look after yourself next week and chat when you get back!!


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