Colour inspiration from photographs

Starting off with a blank canvas in any room can be daunting. There are so many choices and decisions to make. Most often, we choose the furniture, the fittings and trimmings and with luck, we will get to put pictures up on the walls.

But how often have you decorated a room and then found that none of your wall art fits well with your new colour scheme?

Well here’s a different idea. Choose an image that you like and pick the colour palette out of it, then decorate using that colour palette.

If you love golden hues, have a look at this:

Dori Moreno, photographer, golden, seascape

Seascape taken in Port St John, South Africa

Breaking up the colours of this photograph into a colour palette, you are left with a lovely selection of complementary tones to work with. Imagine this photograph as a large glass print box framed in a contemporary black duco frame, as the main piece of artwork in a room. I think it would look incredible!

Nature often provides us with a colour palette that we would never consider putting together.

Drakensberg, aloe, South Africa, Dori Moreno, photograph

Beautiful photograph of an aloe, Drakensberg, South Africa

This bright and beautiful combination of colours would look amazing in a room bathed with natural light! This photograph printed as a wallpaper would create an amazing impact. There would be no need for other artwork in the room! Imagine what fun you would have putting a room together with this colour scheme.

Similarly, this photograph taken in Udaipur, India provides stunning colour combinations.

Udaipur, India, reflections, Dori Moreno, photograph, India

Reflections of the city of Udaipur in India

The sea has many therapeutic benefits for body and mind. A  beautiful photograph of a seascape in a room will immediately create a sense of tranquility and calm. But who says the sea is blue? Have a look at these two seascape photographs for two completely different colour palettes.

photograph, sea, south africa, dori moreno, sunrise

Sunrise over the sea, Wild Coast, South Africa

sea, dori moreno, south africa, photograph

The sea in slow motion, South Africa

Either of these amazing photographs printed as a large canvas will create a sense of calm and beauty in your room.

So why not turn things on their head and start with your wall art as the inspiration for the rest of your room or home? Hopefully I have inspired you to look at your options in a different way and given you some great ideas on how to tackle your next home decor project.

All photographs used in this blog are taken by me. My collection of photographs is available for your inspiration.


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