Great fun with Kruger Park and Ithala giraffes

I had a lot of fun photographing giraffes both in the Kruger National Park and at Ithala Game Reserve during a recent trip.

Giraffes can be really comical and pull some extremely funny faces. If you can get past the boredom of watching them eating and stay put, you will certainly get to see some interesting behaviour too.

In the Kruger Park, I came across a male giraffe who was feeling very amorous. He followed his lady giraffe around everywhere she went. He stuck to her like glue as she sashayed her sexy behind millimetres in front of his salivating tongue. The baby giraffes went about their own business and occasionally glanced up at the antics of Mom and Dad.

At Ithala, I watched as two young males “neck butted” each other for a while in a show of dominance. No serious damage was done either way, but it went on for a long while. It looked like their long, slender necks were performing an elegant dance to some silent music only they could hear.

Watching a giraffe drinking always puts a smile on my face. They look so awkward with their front legs splayed wide apart in order for them to be able to reach the water. And when they finish drinking they slurp their tongues about reaching up to their nostrils to lick up all the droplets!

However, regardless of how funny they may look when inspected up close, they are the most elegant and graceful animals when seen from afar, walking slowly and purposefully . A giraffe is the epitome of Africa.


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