The elephants of the Kruger National Park

From Pafuri Gate in the north to Malelane Gate in the south I saw a LOT of elephants! I am not complaining, as I can spend hours watching them going about doing what elephants do. Photographing them adds a dimension where I become totally immersed and spellbound by them.

The Kruger National Park stopped its elephant culling programme some years ago, and the positive results of this is evident. You will not drive for long without coming across a lonely elephant bull or a herd of mothers with babies ranging from a few week old to a couple of years.

However, elephants are very destructive in their eating behaviour. They trundle along pushing trees over to get to the juicy leaves at the top, ripping bark off trees and generally decimating everything in their path. They eat enormous amounts of vegetation every day and travel long distances to get to water. I wonder how long before there are too many elephant in the park and culling has to resume.

These are thoughts that I tried to push to the back of my mind on my recent trip to the Kruger Park. On my return home, I downloaded my photographs. To my dismay, I had almost 200 elephant photographs! A ruthless editing process quickly brought this number down substantially. The 20 photos on this blog are my favorites.

Hopefully you will be inspired to visit the Kruger National Park too. The facilities are fantastic and the experiences even better!



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