Shark fin soup – Day 5

The rain has settled in and with not much to do in Can Tho, we decide to move on to our next stop – Chao Doc. It’s our final stop in Vietnam before crossing the border by boat into Cambodia.
It’s pretty much a travel day. Again we opt to travel by bus and I am amazed at how cheap and efficient the service is. We are fortunate to be allocated seats on the last row of the bus, which are slightly raised and I am able to slide the window open. This means that I can partake in one of my favorites pastimes of taking photos from a moving vehicle. It’s always a bit of a hit and miss affair, but I love the surprises waiting for me when I look at the pics.

Chau Doc is a bustling town with a huge market, loads of street food vendors and plenty of traffic and activity. We check into the hotel and hot foot it out of there to hit the streets as soon as possible.

I love walking out onto an unknown street with absolutely no idea as to what lies around the corner or down the next street. It’s late afternoon and soon the daylight turns to night so we pop into a eatery frequented by locals. We are the only tourists in the place and we get many appreciative and interested looks as well as help in choosing food and drinks.I break my vegetarian eating preference and choose noodles with seafood, which is sublime and very enjoyable. Accompanied by a Tiger beer, it’s the perfect meal.

Our hotel is a cheap 1 star place – 15 dollars for the night incl breakfast. It’s clean and more than adequate and perfectly situated to explore the town tomorrow. Imagine my surprise however, when looking at the menu of the restaurant right next to the hotel we find that they serve shark fin soup. As an animal lover and concerned citizen of the planet, I am very concerned at the plight of the shark and the rate at which they are being decimated for what is supposedly a luxury food – shark fin. Why then would it be available on the menu of a restaurant in a smallish, cheap part of town?

Shark fin soup on the menu

Shark fin soup on the menu


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