Ho Chi Minh – in love already

The Dubai skyline as seen from the airport.

On the way to Vietnam during a stop over in Dubai.

We land in Ho Chi Minh at 7pm local time. It’s been a long haul and am beyond tired. Strangely though, I feel quite energized. The passport control and baggage collection process goes smoothly. We change some dollars into local currency and book a ticket for a taxi ride to our hotel. It all seems so simple and efficient. My experience in India tells me to stay on high alert. Where will the scam come in? Will the taxi driver ask us for more money even though we have paid for the fare? Will our hotel tell us the online booking voucher is not valid? Will the hotel look like a squatter room when it is advertised as a 3 star?
Imagine my utmost amazement and joy when none of these fears are realized. We walk outside, go to section 3 as we were told to do, a young lady hails a taxi for us, he takes us straight to the hotel which is amazing!
We have to go out for a short stroll. We are both too excited and wired to go to bed. At the street corner, we sit out on the pavement order some coffee and take the night scenes in.

The streets are clean, the people are friendly, the wi-fi is free everywhere, nobody bothers us to buy anything from them.

Already I am in love with this country.


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