Greg and Marcia’s winter wonderland

If you don’t believe that fairy tales can be created, then start believing. Greg and Marcia created a fantasy day for themselves and their 300 guests, and took everybody on a wondrous, magical ride on their wedding day.

They transformed the ordinary into extraordinary and left no detail unattended to. I wish I had taken some before and after photographs to show you what I mean, but believe me when I say that my heart dropped when I visited the chapel and the reception venue on Tuesday, and I began to worry about how I was going to make the photographs look decent. How funny when yesterday I wondered if I was doing the venues justice!

As with every wedding, there were some nail biting moments to challenge our nerves, but as always, the day marches on and everything happens as it should. The dresses for the retinue finally arrived, the dark interior of the church had been transformed into a photographers delight with loads of white draping and flowers, the multitude of family photos were taken without too many unpleasant verbal exchanges and then we popped down the road into Yeoville for some photos.

The minute Marcia, Greg and the retinue stepped out of the limo, the streets came alive with people ululating, taking photographs and joining in the celebration. I love Africa, and it is at times like these that I know why I choose to stay in this country. With no shortage of brightly coloured walls, with and without grafitti, textures, people, cars and chaos, I had a ball and could have stayed for hours. Unfortunately, the guests needed to be fed and watered, so off we sped to The Forum to party until the early hours of the morning.

To say that my jaw hit the floor in wonder and awe when I entered the reception area is a complete understatement. I had stepped into an alien world that resembled nothing I had seen before. Guy and Anton from Wedding Emporium had truly outdone themselves and managed to transform a beautiful corporate hallway into the most magical of magical winter wonderlands ever.

It took a long time for all the guests to be seated, as everyone that entered the room experienced the same reaction and everybody took a photograph, even those without a camera who used their phones. The formalities swiftly got under way, but there was surprise after surprise throughout the evening to keep everybody guessing what would come next.

Alana Meyer, who second shot with me for the day, and I took  4 000 photographs. Madness you may say. I agree. Yesterday was no ordinary day, and the madness is well and truly justified.

Congrats Greg and Marcia. May all the days of your lives together be as wondrous and magical as your wedding day.


4 thoughts on “Greg and Marcia’s winter wonderland

  1. Lita Oliveira

    What a beautiful wedding Marcia and Greg. Absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to see more foto’s.
    Very proud aunty 🙂

  2. Debbie Ferreira

    What a stunning wedding! Would not have expected any less. You captured the fantasy!!! Beautiful. Congratulations to Greg (btw, he is a cousin of mine) and his beautiful wife. Hoping that you’ll be posting more …


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