High style at The Hyatt

Spending a Saturday at The Hyatt is something I don’t normally do, but this Saturday was different. Nico and Karin celebrated their wedding amongst close friends and family in high style at this luxurious venue, and we were there to capture the story of the day on camera.

On arrival I went up to Karin’s room. I found her to be quite relaxed but as it got closer to the time to put on her dress and get herself ready, the excitement in the room built up. I love taking photographs during this time. Everyone is so busy going about doing things and getting ready that they completely forget I am there and I can take photos to my heart’s content.

Dori Moreno, The Hyatt, wedding

Dori Moreno, The Hyatt, wedding

Karin looked resplendent as she walked down the aisle accompanied by her Dad. The setting was made even more dramatic by the thunderous clouds above. Everyone looked around anxiously, but the storm moved on and Karin was able to enjoy her outside wedding.

After the congratulations and family photos it was time to make the most of the stunning architecture, reflections and leading lines abundantly available everywhere we looked. The Hyatt is a photographers dream, and we felt like two kids let loose in a candy store.

Nico and Karin indulged us and joined in by having fun and looking better than the best models.

Dori Moreno, The Hyatt, wedding

Dori Moreno, The Hyatt, wedding

We made our way up to the 6th floor of The Hyatt, where the bridge links the hotel to the gymnasium and pool area. I love the angle of this photo and the repetition of patterns created by the architecture and the back of Karin’s dress.

Dori Moreno, The Hyatt, wedding

Dori Moreno, The Hyatt, wedding

Our final stop before we were forced to return the bridal couple to their guests was the 8th floor. The highly reflective piano provided some interesting photo opportunities. This is the most stylish and tame of the lot.

Dori Moreno, The Hyatt, wedding

Dori Moreno, The Hyatt, wedding

We continued to take photos late into the evening as the guests partied up a storm. Tired but very pleased with our days work, we drove home and chatted about all the photos we had taken. And all those we didn’t get the chance to take. We will be back for more.

To read and see more pictures about this wedding, visit www.cormacphoto.wordpress.com


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