Sean and Bronwyn at Toadbury Hall

The coolest, most organised bride ever has to be Bronwyn Anderson. Three months prior to her wedding date she mailed me the detailed list of formal photographs. Of course, her Mom, takes some of the credit for this. Not only because Bronwyn is her daughter, but because she too gets things done when they need to get done. The upside of all this organisation is that on the wedding day, there is absolutely nothing to do but enjoy. And that is exactly what everyone at this wedding did.

With a dash of daring, the couple decided that they would buck the trend and not get married in the small chapel at Toadbury Hall. Instead they requested that the gazebo be draped, chairs be put out under the canopy of trees and that the wind, birds and bees bear witness to their marriage vows. Of course the main question to this plan was if the weather would play along, but as the chapel was always available as an alternate plan, there was no stress to be had by anyone at all.

When “the father of the bride” (as I heard him proudly say a million times on the day) walked Bronwyn along the tree lined lane, there was no doubt in anybody’s mind that the risk had paid off and that the couple would get married in the most magnificent setting with the most perfect weather ever wished for.  Sean could not contain his emotion and joy as Bronwyn was handed over to him and the ceremony began.

Once the photo formalities had been completed, the heavens opened up as everybody settled down to some well deserved drinks and food. In no time at all, the dancing kings and queens were boogyeing it up with lots of gyrating, stomping, clapping and out of tune singing. As the moon peeped out between the stormy clouds and shone her magical light on our planet, the light shone in Bronwyn’s eyes as she danced the night away with her husband by her side.


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