Thaba Ya Bruce and Alyson

Anyone brave enough to challenge Alyson and her wedding plans would have been in serious trouble. So everyone and everything went according to plan. Even the JHB weather, which has completely misbehaved this summer paid heed and behaved herself. In fact, she outdid herself and put on a spectacular sunset to grace this auspicious occasion at this wonderful venue.

Over 150 people gathered yesterday to celebrate with Bruce and Alyson. Although the ceremony was quick, there was enough time for Bruce to stumble over his vows as he tried in vain to remain cool, calm and collected. As is to be expected from fun loving Alyson, she roared with laughter infecting the whole congregation with her free spirited laugh.

The party got into full swing in no time at all as some of the photos will attest to. Everything flowed as smoothly as the delicious ice-cream served with the chocolate wedding cake tasted. In what seemed like 5 minutes, the evening had passed and it was time for us to take some closing photos of Bruce and Alyson before bidding them farewell. Bruce has kept Alyson in the dark with regards to their honeymoon destination, and we can’t wait for their return to find out where and how he found the “perfect”place on earth to take his new bride to. We know Alyson would expect nothing less!!


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