Twice Over

We photograph weddings often and believe it or not, every wedding is different. Dimitri and Marcelle chose to honour their different religions and held a Catholic and a Greek orthodox ceremony on their wedding day. So it was against this setting that we found ourselves taking photographs of events twice over. The great thing for us though, is that these two ceremonies are very different and there were great photographic opportunities during both of them.

Marcelle can only be described as a porcelain doll dressed in the most resplendent dress courtesy of Guy Granger from Wedding Emporium. The extremely long train of her dress created some dynamic opportunities to photograph and we had great fun in doing so.

Dimitri, soft and gentle as he is, smiled his way through everything. He made sure he enjoyed every minute of his special day where he committed his love to Marcelle not once, but twice.

They say that weddings are blessed when it rains. With this in mind, Dimitri and Marcelle will have a hugely blessed marriage if the size of the storm that broke out during the day is an indication of it. The pummeling rain forbade any opportunity for outside photographs to be taken, so we took advantage of the Sandton Sun interiors instead.

Once the formalities of speeches, cake cutting and so on were over, the dance floor was opened and the guests got into the swing of things in no time at all. With the Greeks competing against the Portuguese for dance floor space, it was not long before some traditional dancing began with lots of gusto, plate breaking, clapping and feet stamping.

Close to midnight we took some final shots of the happy but tired couple and bid them farewell before we met the risk of turning into pumpkins. Another great experience for us and some great photos in the bag…… or should that be, in the camera?


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